HomeStreet Bank Corporate Offices

  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Year: 2017
  • Client: HomeStreet Bank
  • Architect: MG2
  • Photos: Rafn Company

This project is a multi-phase, multi-floor, multi-year tenant improvement at HomeStreet Bank’s corporate offices at Two Union Square in downtown Seattle. HomeStreet Bank had outgrown their corporate offices on multiple floors and both needed more room and an overdue update. Since Rafn had previously completed over 100 projects for HomeStreet since 2001, we were a natural choice for their corporate office project. We were selected for our teams trusting and efficient relationships, our portfolio of office tenant improvement projects, and our history of working in “tough to access” spaces in downtown Seattle.

Our work on HomeStreet Bank’s corporate offices began on the 17th and 21st floors in the summer of 2015 and has since included five other floors as well as a few small projects around the building. To date our work has involved four Rafn Superintendents, all of whom carry on our successful relationship with HomeStreet Bank.

A key component of putting together a plan for a multi-phased project is to create a detailed schedule outlining the project goals. Defining which department moves into which areas at what time is critical to a complex phased restack. In addition, meeting the schedule milestones of moving whole departments is critical to keeping the project running smoothly and keeping both client and tenants happy during construction.

The end result is an client who has a great new space, their employees who experienced the least disruption possible, and a building owner that welcomes you to work in their building again. On all accounts this project continues a legacy of success.

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