Arbor Woods Apartments

  • Location: Skyway, WA
  • Year: 2011
  • Client: Mt. Baker Housing
  • Architect: None
  • Photos: Mt. Baker Housing / Rafn Company

The 35 unit Arbor Woods Apartment complex was in desperate need of renovation when Mt. Baker Housing purchased it in December of 2010. Their goal was to create a vibrant, healthy, and safe community for residents, current and future. Unfortunately, years of neglect left the complex in a state of disrepair with many significant problems requiring a complete renovation of the entire complex, inside and out.

Inside the units, we demolished old flooring, doors, water heaters, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, electric heaters, and light fixtures. Our subcontractors then patched drywall, added new texture and paint throughout. Rafn crews installed finishes included new flooring, doors and hardware, flooring, cabinets, and appliances, while subs installed new plumbing and electrical fixtures. A three-phase schedule allowed tenants to occupy new and old units during the process.

While some mold remediation was anticipated, no one guessed the extent to which mold infested nearly every unit. We found mold behind light fixtures and cabinets, in drywall and behind trim. Rafn crews were able to complete remediation work quickly and cost effectively. Our craftspeople were flexible and were able to move from area to area as needed, maintaining, and in some cases improving upon, the schedule. Our crews controlled the demolition involved resulting in lower costs of repair work after remediation.

On the outside, we re-roofed all of the buildings, we renovated the community building and managers office, installed new fencing and automated security gate, new storm drain line, re-paved and striped the parking lot, and re-landscaped the entire complex.

The real success story of the project was creating a reinvigorated community with tenants that were actually sad to see us go at the end of the project. All while keeping a busy job site safe with many children living on-site throughout the construction process.

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