Builders Risk Insurance Explained

Builders Risk insurance (also known as Course of Construction insurance) is a critical component of construction risk management and often misunderstood. This key insurance policy covers damage to the construction project and loss to materials during the period of actual construction operations. A…

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What is Architectural Precast Concrete?

When I tell people that I work for an architectural precast concrete company they usually look at me like I just said something to them in a foreign language. I get it. Before I started at Olympian Precast I worked for several cast-in-place concrete subcontractors, and I still had no idea what…

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Choosing the Best General Contractor for Your Commercial Project

In my thirty five years as a construction professional, I have heard and seen it all when it comes to selecting a commercial general contractor. Some of it funny enough for reality television (we’ll save those stories for another day). Take a look at a hypothetical project using $50mm for the d…

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Working Together to Serve our Most Vulnerable Neighbors

On any given day, DESC serves almost 3,500 clients. Half of this group, 1,679 to be exact, are safely housed now but were homeless when we first encountered them. Many live in buildings we own and operate, while some live in other housing but receive ongoing treatment or other services from DESC. …

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Customer Feedback That Delivers “Ah-ha” Moments

The first thing that comes to mind when most people think “customer feedback” is “customer survey.” While a check-box survey will give you data, it’s not the right approach for a company that manages only a few (or a few dozen) important relationships per year. Check-box surveys are designed to produce f…

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