Preconstruction Services

A Balance of Design, Program, Needs, Schedule and Cost

  • Clear & intentional
  • Honest & open
  • Professional

Rafn’s pre-construction services go well beyond providing estimates for construction. We begin by negotiating a customized proposal to fit the specific needs of the team. We guarantee you will receive value far in excess of the cost and our monthly status reports will illustrate this for you.


Integrated Building Performance

Quality Assurance

Social Equity Outreach



Success Is Based On Shared Knowledge, Together With Clear And Open Communication

Our project managers are involved in a project from the beginning of preconstruction services to the grand opening celebration. They are intimately involved with the projects estimating, planning, and scheduling from day one. Unlike many other construction companies, there is not a project hand-off between the estimating department and project management department.

Our estimating services are "open book", meaning that we are willing to share information with you at any level of detail. Understanding cost implications allows informed decision making. In turn, we expect that all members of the team are equally forthcoming and honest in sharing information that assists in developing an estimate that is both responsive and responsible to your needs.

Success Is Based On Predicting The End Result - No Surprises

At all stages of estimating we endeavor to price and plan the end product. We look for components of work that may not be shown, but are necessary for a complete and responsible price. We help you anticipate and plan for things such as:

  • Project specific risks
  • Construction logistics
  • Unknown or differing site conditions
  • Existing hazardous materials
  • Hidden building system conditions
  • Work with limited scope definition
  • Undefined scopes of work
  • Creative code interpretation by permitting authorities
  • Potential future up-grades or add-ons

It is our goal during preconstruction to gather enough data to provide you with reliable information which accurately predicts your final project cost and schedule.

Integrated Building Performance


Rafn delivers a comprehensive, value-based, prioritized option list for integrated building performance that gets results.


We start at the beginning and leave no stone unturned to make sure every option, system, and process is considered for energy improvement. We bring together a full group of experts to analyze every aspect of a building. Envelope systems and mechanical systems are not analyzed in a vacuum, but rather we look at how all of a building’s systems work together most effectively and efficiently.


The best energy solution in the world is of no use if it is not financially feasible. We will break down payback-on-investment period, potential savings of each energy each option, and operational benefits over the lifespan of the building in order to thoroughly communicate our recommendation for a Good—Better—Best energy plan.

Prioritized Option List

The deliverable is a complete list of energy options to consider. Each system will have Good, Better, and Best options that will show their “bang for the buck”.

Integrated Building Performance

We combine the following aspects to maximize Integrated Building Performance:

  • Capital Needs Assessment
  • Envelope Assessment
  • Energy Modeling
  • Energy Auditing
  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • MEP Systems Analysis
  • Financial Management

Gets Results

The proof is in the results! The best systems cannot live up to their potential and deliver the highest energy savings without a strong finish to the project. This includes commissioning all of the mechanical systems, training the building owners and staff on the proper operation and maintenance of all systems, and educating the buildings occupants on best practices to maximize their comfort while minimizing energy usage. We consider the completion phase of the project as the last piece of the puzzle; once in place, the entire system can work as designed.

The result is a building, new or renovated, that works at its peak level of energy efficiency, saving on energy and operating costs throughout its lifespan.

Quality Assurance


Rafn’s Project Manager leads the team during preconstruction to establish quality expectations and metrics that are published in the construction and bid documents.

Quality assurance starts with knowing the construction drawings, standards and specifications intimately to set expectations from the beginning. The better we know the project, the better we can communicate the project to our subcontractors and vendors which provides a higher quality level and better value for the project.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Inclusiveness is ingrained in the Rafn culture and that extends to our projects. We have a long and proven history of inclusiveness in our projects with the local community as well as minority and women owned businesses.

Subcontractor Diversity
We recognize the need for a strong outreach effort on our construction projects. And as a result of our consistent outreach, we have been successful on numerous projects with women and minority-owned business involvement goals. We have partnered with organizations that specialize in mentoring and supporting WMBE companies to ensure effective outreach, and we provide all interested WMBE businesses with access to any technical and administrative assistance required. Rafn has completed hundreds of successful projects using the services of women and minority-owned businesses.

Apprenticeship Participation
Jack Rafn was a founding member at the Construction Industry Training Council (CITC), the State approved merit shop apprenticeship program. His involvement has been followed by Rafn’s current President and CEO, Shawn Rhode, who remains an active Board participant at CITC. Rafn Company remains a State Approved Training agent and graduates apprentices through the program every year.

Local Hire
We understand that the community wants to see people working on the job sites who are representative of the people who live in the community. Local vendors want the opportunity to participate as well. All they need is for us to make it easy for them to gain access to those opportunities and provide them the tools and support they need to succeed.

These aims are inherent in our culture and reflected in our practices and processes. Because of that we achieve these with great enthusiasm. You can be assured that Rafn will demonstrate affirmative efforts beyond expectations to assure equality of employment and contracting opportunity, employment for women and minorities and subcontracting to women and minority-owned businesses. Our efforts result in projects that the community takes pride in having been a part of.

Construction Services

The Art and Science of Optimizing Quality & Value

  • Timely and accurate risk management
  • Superior construction management
  • Serious about Safety

At the heart of every construction company is its ability to deliver on time and on budget. What sets Rafn apart is the care we take in completing that task. On the surface that may seem like an odd way to characterize our approach, but our clients are the ones who have used those words time and again to describe our project delivery.


Quality Control

Occupied and Phased Construction




Serious About Safety

Rafn Company’s safety program has set a standard for project safety that is among the best in the industry. We are members of the Associated General Contractor’s (AGC) Safety Team in recognition of our firm’s achievement in the development of a quality safety program.

The effectiveness of our program is reflected in our 0.708 EMR (Experience Modification Rate) which is well below the state average of 1.0. This rate ranks us in the top 8% of all contractors in Washington State. We are rightfully proud of this rating but continually strive for improvement.

We regularly communicate, in a variety of ways, the importance of keeping jobsite safety our absolute priority at all times. As with the building owners, people are our most important asset and keeping them safe is critically important. Drug tests are required for all prospective employees at the time of hire. We expect all employees to be able to perform their jobs safely at all times free from any alcohol or drug related impairments. We are motivated to create a safe, highly productive, and enjoyable work environment for all our employees. In doing so, we are rewarded with happy and healthy employees, allowing us to provide our clients with competitive labor rates. That being said, our focus on safety encompasses not only our employees but those of our subcontractors and others who we touch in our construction activities.

Quality Control


Rafn’s Superintendent leads and monitors those implementing the work to ensure the work meets or exceeds published quality expectations. Our Quality Control Program is apparent from preconstruction through project completion and close-out. Extending past our construction documents and project delivery, our quality expectations also derive value to our customers.

Prior to start of construction, our written plan includes:

  • Pre-installation meetings with subcontractors and installers
  • Protocol and timing of quality control inspections.
  • Reporting of all deviations outside of approved standards.
  • Inspection and documentation of corrections to deviations.
  • Systematic (and captioned) photographs of installed work.
  • Assign and check personnel responsible for maintaining healthy and safe conditions for temporary exits, security, lighting, odor and air quality.

This written plan ensures a quality closeout process. We transmit photo documentation, special inspection results, DPD inspections, and detailed record drawings updated weekly on-site by the various trade contractors. This current information is available to the owners, consultants, and inspectors at all times.

Occupied and Phased Construction


More than 50% of Rafn’s projects are undertaken in occupied facilities. We realize the importance of staffing projects with people who conduct themselves in a conscientious, well-mannered fashion while on your property as well as passing through your neighborhood. Because of this belief, we hire only the best! We have the finest superintendents and foremen. They know Rafn Company’s philosophy and what it takes to build not only an exceptional project, but also an exceptional relationship with our clients.

Most occupied projects have some form of phasing requirements, however, each is uniquely different. Rafn Company will assess the condition with the Owner/Operator of how the facility is used. Together, we will determine the most appropriate phasing of critical elements.

Because of Rafn Company’s extensive experience working in occupied spaces, phasing is an everyday occurrence. Typical demolition occurs in one location and then construction follows. Upon completion of the space, occupancy occurs and then another space becomes available. If systems need shutting down, back up systems are put in place so occupancy can continue with the least amount of disruption.



With over two decades of experience using sustainable building practices and participating in green building programs, Rafn offers you a depth of experience and ease with green building that is unbeatable. Our sustainable construction practices began with recycling construction debris and excess construction materials for pizza money. Though they have developed into highly disciplined and trackable systems, Rafn has not lost sight of the practical side of green even in today’s multitude of shades of green.

We wrote the book, literally, for green building in the Pacific Northwest. Our logo appeared in the USGBC Contractor’s Training Manual and we received royalties from every copy because the systems, processes and forms used in the book came from our Islandwood project—the Pilot project for LEED Gold. Rafn is also the first contractor in the region to train its entire supervisory staff in the USGBC’s newest program, Green Advantage.

The Rafn Company supports and is involved in the following sustainability focused associations:

International Living Future Institute

Urban Land Institute Northwest

Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

US Green Building Council

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - LEED

Evergreen Sustainable Development Standard

Master Builders Association - Built Green

Green Globes

ABC - Green Construction at Work

Green Advantage

Passive House Northwest