Rafn Company First in Western Washington to Obtain Green Contractor Certification

Much attention in the construction industry has been placed on sustainable buildings, and rightly so. If left unchecked, outdated construction processes and job site waste could account for a huge impact to our natural environment. But there is another aspect to sustainable construction that is…

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Embracing Your Chimney & Leashing Your Gargoyle

Embracing Your Chimney Masonry chimneys are an endangered species. The weaker have been toppled over the years by earthquakes or have been dismantled to avoid that very hazard. Modern heating systems do not require them, and where a chimney or venting is needed there are easier solutions to…

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BIM Part Three : Owner Benefits

Visualization/Rendering The rendering tools integral to the software may also be a useful marketing tool for building owners. Creating good quality renderings for a multitude of unit plans could go a long way in "selling" the space to a perspective buyer. According to Matt Elley with AMLI…

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Life Cycle Assessment

Putting high performance systems in newly constructed buildings will result in lower energy and maintenance costs over the life of the building. As our modeling tools are evolving, Rafn Company has been looking for ways to expand our use of Life Cycle Assessment tools. Following is a recap of a…

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